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How eezy collab Works

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Simplify your influencer marketing efforts with eezy collab's one-stop-shop platform. Easily find influencers across all platforms and manage collaborations from start to finish.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • TikTok

AI-powered Influencer Matching

Bulk Email Campaigns

Collaboration Management

With eezy collab's AI-powered influencer matching, you can easily find the right influencers for your brand. Send bulk emails to multiple influencers at once and track their responses with ease. Manage all your collaborations in one place, from start to finish.

Why Choose eezy collab?

Save time and money while boosting your brand with eezy collab's AI-powered platform.

Easy Setup

Set up your influencer marketing campaigns in minutes with eezy collab. No hassle or code required.

Smart Budgeting

With eezy collab's budgeting system, you can rest assured your resources are spent wisely.

AI-powered Budget Allocation

Dynamic Resource Allocation

Beautiful Collaboration Templates

With eezy collab's epic design presets, your collaborations will look amazing on every platform.

Image Collaborations

Video Collaborations

Story Collaborations

Interactive Collaborations


eezy collab offers a range of features to simplify your influencer marketing efforts, from AI-powered influencer matching to collaboration management.


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Why Companies Choose eezy collab

"Increased Collaboration Performance, without increasing budget"

With eezy collab, our collaboration performance increased without increasing our budget. It's an incredible platform that simplifies everything.

Jane Doe, Marketing Director at XYZ Company

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